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Sleep Lengthens Life

I recently saw a headline which read “Sleep Lengthens Life.” This was not good news to a guy who sleeps four hours a day on average. The article below the headline explained that people who sleep eight hours a day live longer than people who sleep less. Again not good news.

I have always subscribed to Ben Franklin’s “Six hours of sleep for necessity, eight hours for tradition and ten hours for laziness.” Like I said, I average closer to four and reports say so did Ben.   He lived to be eight-four years old so imagine how long he would of lived if he slept eight hours a night.

Twice as long?

The article didn’t give a ratio but if you live X amount of years when you sleep four hours I think you should live 2X if you sleep eight hours. Ben Franklin would of lived to 168 years old if he would of got more sleep.

That’s the good news.

The bad news with this theory is you only have 16 hours a day to accomplish things in your prime, versus twenty hours, if you sleep only four hours. Sure you pick up an extra eighty-four years but those years are 85 – 164. I am 53 now and my knees hurt when it rains.

I really don’t want to live to be an arthritic toothless, wrinkled old shell of myself.

I’ve seen portraits of Ben when he was in his seventies. I really wouldn’t want to see him in his 160′s. It would frighten me. Trust me. It would frighten you.

So I will go on trying to sneak in my four hours of sleep and glad I am getting them. I will once in awhile catch up by sleeping to eight or nine o’clock when I can.

I will be glad my extra hours are coming closer to my prime than those who get their eight hours of restful sleep.

And I will subscribe to another Ben Franklin quote.

“There will be plenty of time to sleep once you are dead”


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