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Smoked Chicken Wings

As you are beginning to learn, I’ll smoke anything that doesn’t smoke me first. Today it was chicken wings.

I am a big fan of chicken wings of any kind but smoked may be my second favorite. My first, is of course, buffalo style. One of the reasons I like smoked so well is not only the flavor but the ease of cooking them. If you own a vertical propane smoker it is almost fool proof. I would say completely fool proof but there is always a person, so foolish, as to prove that wrong. By the way, if you don’t have a smoker, buy one. You won’t regret the decision. They are reasonably priced and last as long as a grill. I would’ve loved to justify buying a 20,000 dollar pro smoker but I am still married so that was out of the question. I bought a wide model, to match my size, at BassPro and it was less than two hundred dollars. Dollar per hour of usage it was a better deal than my grill.

Okay back to the wings.

I simply bought a 5 lb pack of wings.

smoked chicken wings with spices

Spread them out on a pan and covered them in chef salt. Flipped them over and covered the second side in chef salt.

I prepared the smoker with water and filled the wood pan with presoaked hickory (soak at least 30 minutes – longer is better). I like hickory, you may like another wood. Experiment until you find the one best for you. I would steer clear of mesquite when smoking chicken because it can over power your wings. Great on beef though.

vertical gas smoker water and wood

If you can see in the picture – one thing I do with my smoker is – use a cast iron frying pan for the wood. It works great and keeps the wood from igniting instead of smoking. I also use wood chunks that last longer versus wood chips which I find to burn to fast.

I closed the door, after lighting the smoker and let it warm to 250 degrees.

I placed the wings on two racks. When smoking you want to make sure the wings (or any other meat) is spaced apart so the smoke can get to all sides.

chicken wings in vertical smoker

I closed the door on the vertical smoker and waited 90 minutes. Checked the water, topped it off. I don’t add more wood when I do wings. I find one pan of wood is plenty to give it a great smoke flavor.

I waited another 90 minutes, pulled a wing out. Broke apart the joints and checked for any red juice. Unless your wings weren’t quite thawed when you started the juice should run clear when you break the drumette from the second joint.

smoked chicken wings

This is all that was left from the first rack when I sat down. That’s why I cooked two racks full!

You are now ready to sit down and enjoy a big plate of hickory smoked chicken wings courtesy of your vertical propane smoker.


Hickory Smoked Chicken Wings
Smoking chicken wings in a vertical propane smoker

Prep Time: 10 minutes

Cook Time: 3 hours

Yield: 6 people

  • 5 lbs chicken wings
  • chef salt
  • hickory wood chunks
  • water
season chicken wings with chef salt and smoke with hickory wood for 3 hours

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