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Smoking Meat and Beans

Today I am spending my time smoking meat and beans. To be exact a beef brisket, a pork shoulder and two gallons of pinto beans


My plan is to have the pork shoulder drip onto the brisket then in turn, as the fat renders from the brisket, have it drip into the beans as all three of them absorb the hickory smoke.

Then when the meat is done I will cut the point of the brisket into burnt ends and put them into the beans with my home made barbecue sauce.

Then with a topping of brown sugar I will put the beans back in the smoker at low heat to melt the sugar into the beans. This is the plan. I will let you know tomorrow how it works out.

By the way I needed a snack from all this hard work and decided to stuff some fresh jalapeno peppers from our garden with a sharp cheese and put them in the smoker too. They should be ready any minute now.

cropped peppersHard to tell from the picture but they are stuffed with cheese. I had to use skewers to keep them from falling out the bottom. They are a little smaller, but fresher, than the ones I buy at the store.

Can’t wait!

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