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Smoking Saturday Was Great

As I mentioned Saturday I smoked some meat. A Boston Butt Pork Shoulder, a few chicken thighs and a some chicken leg quarters.

I did it as easy as possible. Rubbed some seasoning salt on all of it and stuck it in the smoker. Three hours later I had chicken for lunch.

The pork was smoked 8 hours at 250 degrees. 5 hours directly on the rack and 3 hours wrapped in aluminum foil on the rack. When the pork reached an internal temperature of 195 degrees I put it in an ice chest, still wrapped in foil and let it rest 3 hours.

It was so tender I  pulled the bone out clean.

Boston Butt

chicken leg quarters

Simple store bought seasoning salt for rub on the chicken and pork.

chicken thighs boneless skinlessBoneless Skinless Chicken Thighs and Even a Couple of Chicken tenders.   These were earmarked for salads but I decided to smoke them for lunch.

smoked chicken thighsWhen I smoke chicken thighs I cook until an internal temperature of 170 is reached then I eat for lunch. These were very flavorful and juicy. Skinless is a little tricky to keep moist so you don’t want to leave in smoker longer than needed. When doing skinless I always smoke in pan instead of directly on rack.

chicken leg quarters smokedI thought these came out great. It’s hard to ruin chicken leg quarter when smoking. The trick is to pull them before the skin toughens. About three hours at 250 degrees worked this time.

boston butt smoked hickory

Great looking Boston Butt pork shoulder. It was easy to do and tasted great.

Boston Butt Clean Bone after smoked 8 hours

I grabbed the end of the bone and pulled it clean from the Boston Butt. Good way to tell if shoulder will become chopped barbecue or pulled pork. When it is this tender – pull it!

pulled porkIt pulled real easy with two forks. After I pulled it I sprinkled more seasoning salt onto it and black pepper. I served barbecue sauce on the side with slider sized buns.

strawberry short cake cakeStrawberry Shortcake Cake.

The picture doesn’t do it justice. It tasted fantastic. The summer heat did a little damage before we took this picture but no where near the damage we did to it moments later. Maybe the best strawberry shortcake dish  I have ever tasted. I want more!

All in all I’d say the Saturday smoke and the Sunday dinner went well.

You should of came over!

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