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Smoking Saturdays

It’s Saturday therefore I must be smoking meat.

I spend almost every Saturday in the summer slow smoking some kind of meat and quite often two or three types of meat. Today it’s pork shoulder and chicken leg quarters with a few boneless, skinless, chicken thighs thrown in for good measure.

Why do I smoke more than one kind you ask? Because I can, is an easy answer. But mostly because if I am going to smoke a pork shoulder for 12 hours I might as well throw in some chicken and get more bang for my buck in regards to propane use. But I have told you all that before.

Another reason is tomorrow is the NASCAR race and I don’t feel like cooking so I want lots of premade food to offer the kids when they bug me during the race. Premade is a nice way of saying leftovers.

smoked pork and chicken in vertical smoker

Two hours into the smoke. Chicken will be done in another hour or so. Pork will be at least another 8 hours, probably 10.

I know this post is incredibly exciting and at this point you are on the edge of your seat waiting for my next word.

Unfortunately I don’t have one, except for I’ll let you know tomorrow how the smoked chicken and pork turned out. If I was you I’d bet on fantastic. In fact I am betting, it’s perhaps, the best meat I have ever smoked.


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