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My Stupid Phone

I obviously have a stupid phone. Oh it’s supposed to be smart. In fact it’s supposed to be one of the smartest phones made. It’s a Samsung Galaxy3.

It’s rated right up there with the latest Apple whatever. It has an app for almost anything you can think up. It talks. You can ask it questions. This is where the stupidity comes in.

No matter what I ask it the answer is always the same.

“That’s hard to answer. I will search the web for an answer.” Then a box appears with the words “Search the Web.” Then I have to press the button to search. It doesn’t even do it on it’s own.

Well hell I could of come up with that all on my own. Don’t know something? Google it? No kidding?

If my phone was really a smart phone it would know the answer no matter the question. Maybe not every question but enough of them to be considered smart.

But it doesn’t know anything. Therefore it’s stupid.

A stupid, stupid phone.

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