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Summer is Finally Here

All my complaining about the cold weather has paid off.

Today it was 72 degrees on December 4th in Glasgow, Kentucky. Maybe not summer weather but pretty good for December. Unfortunately if you want to play you have to pay and the bill is due on Friday.

Friday’s forecast is; a high of 38 with rain in morning turning to ice in the evening and eventually becoming a snow storm. Saturday the high is predicted to be,  by WBKO in Bowling Green, 32. Yes, that’s right, 72 today and 32 three days later with snow on the ground. Kentucky weather is unbelievable. It’s also nice, because if you don’t like it, wait three days and you will love it.

I have lived lots of places. I have lived in the the west. I lived on the east coast, both north and south. I have lived in West Virginia and Pennsylvania. They all have interesting weather and weather patterns but not of them have the swings of temperature like southern Kentucky. It’s something you have to live through to believe.

Like today, I was out doing yard work, like a lot of my neighbors, in short sleeves and sweating. Saturday I’ll be going to a Christmas parade wearing layers and layers of clothing under a ski coat and I’ll still be cold enough to pour hot chocolate down my pants.

So what do you suppose I am doing this evening? Grilling, of course!

With today predicted to be the last warm day in at least a week I wanted to make it feel like summer. I have french fries in the oven. I would of used my outdoor propane deep fryer but I am down to one tank of propane and I hate to fill them this time of year. To go with the french fries I have chicken legs grilling. After I get them cooked to a golden brown I’ll spin them in some home made bbq sauce (you can find the recipe if you use the search function to the right) so they are lightly coated. I might even get reckless and eat a green salad too.

The perfect summertime meal.

how to grill chicken legs.

Chicken Legs on the Grill in December





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