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Summer TV Could It Be Worse?

Could Summer TV be any worse?

Year after year I hear the major television networks, in America, are fighting for ratings. If they are so concerned about gaining viewers or probably more accurate – not losing more viewers – then why do they give away every Summer.

I understand there are fewer people watching television in the warmer months due to more outside activity but still there are viewers. At least one I know of personally – me.

All I see when I click around is reruns, repeats and shows not good enough to make the Fall schedule. You would think one network would put on a show worth watching. But you would be wrong.

All the big four networks gives away the Summer without a fight.

So I am left to watch Storage Wars, Shipping Wars, Cup Cake Wars and even some shows without war in the title.

What the network executives don’t seem to understand is, I get used to watching these shows and when the Summer is over I don’t return to their shows.

Except for Big Bang Theory, of course, because it’s just plain funny.

Ten years ago 90% of what I watched was on ABC, NBC, CBS or Fox. Now I would guess that number is closer to 10% than 90.

But at least the network execs had ten Summers off while we got stuck with crappy television.

They must be resting up for those rating fights I always hear about.



  1. Sharon says:

    I agree. I have had the time to fall in love with the War shows. Can’t make the whole winter without them. Thank you to those other networks for being to lazy to put something worth watching on this summer. I have become a really good cook and cupcake maker. I can’t wait to see what hidden treasure is behind the next box or what the heck is being shipped and where. Love me some Big Bang those kids are just funny !

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