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T.J.’s Birthday

Last night our oldest son came over and we celebrated his birthday. His birthday is actually the 22nd but him, his girlfriend and his Mom all have to work that night so we did some holiday shifting.

It doesn’t seem so long ago that he was a little tiny boy running through our house. Now he has a tiny boy of his own running through his own house. I don’t know what makes me feel older the fact I have a son who has a son or I have a son who owns his own house.

They both make me feel old but they both make me smile. He and his small family are doing well.

His Mom and I made enough food for a large army and we only had a small army showing up. I, of course, smoked a whole brisket, a gallon of pinto beans and a few dozen chicken wings. His mother made a Chicago Bears theme birthday cake and put out a spectacular buffet.

DSCF4682chicago bears c fondantchicago bears birthday cake

bears theme cake

Chicago bears theme birthday cake

The finished cake. The football, the letters and the big C was all hand made with fondant.

Besides the BBQ brisket, wings and beans she made corn on the cob. I also made home made barbecue sauce which she put out with melted cheese, tortilla chips, potato chips, onion dip, pickles, onions several kinds of breads and rolls and a few other things I am forgetting.

birthday buffet

John came a little late to the buffet. He had to work 4 hours overtime.

Then we had the birthday cake and vanilla ice cream for dessert.

It was a pleasant evening with a lot of talk about sports. Tonight it was mostly football. Tebow was discussed. Pat White was talked about. T.J.’s team the Bears was analyzed and Christopher’s team the Buccaneers was diagnosed.

Max in line for the buffet.

Max in line for the buffet.

It was fun to talk sports with my kids.

A couple of friends of the boys came by. One was amazed at all the cooking things we have outside. He said “you have more things to cook outside than my family does inside.” I laughed because we have more things to cook outside than we have to cook inside too.

I guess he doesn’t know too many people who have a smoker, a deep fryer, a 30 inch griddle and a large grill on their deck.

birthday party

Getting ready for cake.

All in all it was a nice little birthday party and I think everyone ate till they were full and if they didn’t they can come over today and help eat leftovers.

blowing out birthday candles

TJ blowing out the candles


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