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Talking Heads Wear No Pants

As I watch the talking heads on the various news programs I have one question. Do they were pants? I used to wonder if they had anything important to say but I have come to a conclusion on that one months ago. They do not have anything useful to say. It is my opinion that it would be more informative and more entertaining if they would show Woody Wood Pecker cartoons and just run the news on a crawler underneath. Woody is a much better entertainer and I believe he is much less likely to speculate about matters he knows nothing about.

The news has become a constant stream of speculation with infrequent islands of fact. If I wanted to know, what they think, I would of asked. What I do want to know is what happened, when it happened and why it happened. I do not want their predictions on what they think is going to happen. They, the news media, need to come to the realization that they know nothing more than we do. You would have thought these clowns would have learned their lesson on election night 2000.

This brings us back to my newest wonderment. Do they wear pants? I really can’t say for sure. I refuse to speculate. So until one of them actually stands up against speculation I won’t know. But when they do I’ll be the first to report the facts. What they did, why they did it and when they did it.

I might include a picture if Woody doesn’t mind the interruption.

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