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Ten Things People Want to Know

I am intrigued by things people want to know when I look at my website stats. One of the stats is what people are searching for when they come to jpatdyer.com.

I thought today I would answer ten of those questions.

  1. How to cut a watermelon? You cut a watermelon like to would a loaf of bread. If it’s round look for a little spot where it grew on the vine and that is an end. Think of it as the North Pole and you want to slice across the Equator.
  2. What is the prime rib location on cow. The location of the ribs are basically the same on all animals including humans. The part of the rib we use for prime ribs are high on the side of the animal.
  3. How to smoke beef brisket? Read this    Beef Brisket   It will tell you everything you need to know.
  4. What is a queen cut prime rib. The queen cut is a slice between the bones. The king cut has a bone the queen doesn’t. Sometimes the term queen cut is used just to mean a smaller piece of prime rib.
  5. What is beef au jus? “au jus” is just French for “with juice.” So beef au jus is beef juice. Basically beef broth with some seasonings.
  6. Internal temperature of barbecue beef brisket. I smoke mine until it reaches a temperature of 195 degrees. Some cooks go as high as 205. It will be dry if you go higher.
  7. Best place to buy brisket? I buy mine at Sam’s Club because of price and grade. They stock choice grade and sell it cheaper than most stores sell select grade beef briskets.
  8. Best wood for smoking beef brisket? I use either hickory or mesquite. I like hickory a little better.
  9. Best wood for smoking chicken? Hickory in my opinion but it depends on your taste preference. I wouldn’t use mesquite – it’s a little harsh for chicken. Fruit woods would be okay too.
  10. How long to smoke a brisket? Smoking isn’t something you can time exactly. It is done when it reaches the desired internal temperature of 195 – 205 degrees. If you smoke it at 225 degrees it will take 12 -13 hours. Increase that to 275 degrees and it is about 8 hours. I think low and slow is best so I cook it at 225 degrees.

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