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I hear everyone Thank God It’s Friday and I ask why?

I read the book God endorsed and I think I remember something about a six day work week. So why are we thankful its Friday? Is Friday the day Dairy Queen gives away free ice cream? Does the Colonel discount chicken on Friday? Do the Atlanta Braves or (insert your favorite team here) always win on Fridays?

No, seems to be the answer to all these questions. Even if the answers were yes it doesn’t sound like questions God would get involved in.

Thank God It's Friday

Chris ponders the question – why T.G.I.F.?

So why is everyone thankful it’s Friday?’ Why are they thanking God?

If you follow the teachings of the Lord you are not supposed to be taking Saturday off. So there is no reason to be thankful it’s Friday, because the next day is a day of rest. Unless of course you are a Seventh Day Adventist. Then Saturday is your sabbath and thanking God It’s Friday makes sense.

But I don’t think everyone who T.G.I.F is a Seventh Day Adventist. Especially the restaurant who built a whole chain based on the idea. A chain which is open every day of the week and doesn’t give all of it’s employees Saturday off. In fact, knowing the restaurant business like I do, I doubt if many of their employees get Saturdays off.

So again I ask – why Thank God It’s Friday?

Are you really fond of fish?

Is it because that’s the day NASCAR practices and you like watching fast cars go round and round for no apparent reason except to use gas and wear out tires?

Are you a huge fan of Shark Tank on ABC television?

Is it because Saturday morning is when the best cartoons come on TV?

Even if you answered yes to all of these questions is it a reason to Thank God it’s Friday?

I say no.

But I also say any day we wake up in America with our health is a good reason to Thank God.

No matter the day.

So to you my dear readers – T.G.I.F.

And if I don’t see you tomorrow – T.G.I.S.

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