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The Youngest gets Mobile…almost

We took our youngest son to get his learners permit today. Soon he will be driving and I won’t be driving as much. For the first six months I have to be with him, while he drives, but after that it’s no more dropping him here or there or anywhere.

It’s a blessing and a curse. I’ll be glad to be out of the loop on his dates. That’s the good part. The bad part is, my youngest is beginning to drive, so I am old.

Let’s pretend I was very, very young when our oldest, TJ, was born. Then lets pretend Chris John and James came rapidly thereafter. Unfortunately that is far from the truth.

I was 25 when TJ was born. 28 when Chris was born.  31 when John was born. James, we waited a little longer. He was born when I was 36.

So in reality I am old. You could say middle aged, if you believe I am going to live to be 106. Odds are that won’t happen. You saying it, I mean. I fully intend to live well beyond 106 years old. I will look like hell but I’ll still be alive. Probably relying on some futuristic machine that keeps me going well after my usefulness.

And when I am 106, I’ll feel just like I do today – as young as ever.

James grows up to have dreams

James as a Baby in 1996. Chris in the background

I don’t feel any different today then I did the day James was born. I was a spry 36 and still thought I’d conquer the world. Today I am a spry 53 and conquering seems less likely but I still have dreams.

Dreams my gout won’t act up this week. Dreams I can eat pork chops without my heart palpitating. Dreams my back won’t hurt so bad, from hunching over a keyboard, I can finish this post.

Dreams James will finish his education. Dreams James will get a good job. Dreams James will be able to afford a futuristic machine to keep me alive.

james, tj, chris

James, TJ and Chris in the background June 2013

It’s the least he can do for me driving him to the DMV.

The very least.

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