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Things I did to Lose 60 lbs in Four Months

I started to think I have been thoughtless. I have beat you over and over again with my tale of losing 60 pounds in four months using the Fast Metabolism Diet. The least I could do is share a few things I did.

Most of what I did was taught by nutritionist Haylie Pomroy, when she designed the Fast Metabolism Diet  and I want to giver her full credit. So the items that are hers, I will mark with an HP. The rest are mine.

I bought a Wii. It may sound stupid but I try to play it at least a half hour every day. They sell for a little more than a hundred dollars and I believe it was worth it. Anytime I catch myself clicking around the channels on my TV, I play tennis, bowling or baseball. It gets me up off my butt and I can do it no matter the weather.

I eat at a minimum of every four hours. HP

I eat within 30 minutes of waking up everyday. HP

I never let myself get hungry. I realized when I was hungry I was more tempted to cheat.

I quit coffee, sugar, wheat (except sprouted breads) fruit juice, soy, alcohol, dairy, corn and potatoes. HP    It may sound restrictive but so was the fat around my middle. Well worth it.

Kept healthy snacks always available. HP I kept cans of tuna, raw almonds, cucumbers and fruit. I even roasted a turkey almost every week so I would have lean meat readily available.

Set small goals. I had a goal weight in mind but I weighed myself constantly and focused on the next two or three pounds. I also found clothes in my closet, that didn’t fit me because I got too fat, and tried them on. I started with the ones that were a little tight and tried them on every week. When I fit into them I then moved to ones that were tighter. I also kept the same belt as long as I could. I even punched holes in it to show me my progress. I also kept putting on the clothes that fit me, when I started, to remind me how far I had come.

I ate pepperoncinis on salads instead of dressings.

I cooked everything with a food release spray or olive oil. HP

I ate all chicken and turkey skinless. HP

I used lean ground turkey instead of ground beef. HP

This may sound like a lot of rules but it was worth it. I feel better than ever. Imagine weighing X on March 7th and on July 1st weighing X minus 60. I had resigned myself to being overweight until, just by chance, I saw Haylie Pomroy on Dr. Oz. Her theories intrigued me. One in particular – “You have to eat more to lose more.”

I told family and friends I would try it a week and if I saw progress I would stay on it. Obviously I saw progress. The first day my dinner according to her system was  8 ounces of lean beef, brown rice and a salad. My snacks that day were California oranges. I was eating more than ever and at the end of the week I was down 7 pounds. Since then I averaged more than three pounds lost per week.

Well I could go on forever about Haylie’s diet plan but I won’t unless you want me to. If you have any questions at all, feel free to ask in the comments section below or email me at jpat@jpatdyer.com.

I hope this may help someone.


Disclaimer; I do not work for or am I compensated in anyway by Haylie Pomroy.



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