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Thursday is Busy

My wife (Sharon) is off today so it means I can’t just sit around thinking of witty things to write about. We are on the move. But not moving too much.

We visited T.J’s new house for the first time. It is their first house and it is very nice. It needs some work but it gives him and Bethany an opportunity to make it exactly like they want it. Besides they are young with energy so working on a house they actually own (them and the bank) should be fun.

beautiful family with one year old

T.J. , Grayson and Bethany

We took the van so we could bring him some of the stuff he still had at our house plus his birthday gift and his house warming gifts. The birthday gift was an electric hedge trimmer and 50 foot extension cord. His house warming gift was a new grill from us and his three brothers. Also a new, full propane tank.

The grill should come in handy. He likes to grill and of course being my son he is pretty good at it.Maybe one day soon I’ll get invited to dinner. After they get settled a little of course.

When we first got there Grayson wasn’t there but he showed up with his other Grandma and then the great grand parents showed up. They have a pretty good family support system between all of us grandparents. Maybe they think too much sometimes but it never leaves them needing a babysitter.

Their new house has a nice yard and it is near a park so you can’t ask for much more.

We know are back home for a quick bite of smoked brisket before taking John for a physical for his new job at the same place his old job was located. he was working for a temp company and now he is working for the place itself. A little confusing but it means a $3.25 an hour raise. So it’s not hard to figure out, it’s abetter deal. Plus he is now eligible for benefits.

uncle at birthday party

John fresh from work at Grayson’s birthday party

After we do that I am going to cover a high school soccer game for the Glasgow Daily Times while Sharon paints the pantry. Pretty good deal for me even if soccer is not my favorite sport. Plus if you have ever seen me paint you would know it’s better she does it.

Then after the game I have to write a story.

And after that who knows?


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