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Thursday Morning

It seems like I have a lot to do today except when I say it out loud.

Finish cleaning my office, mow the lawn, buy hickory chunks for this week’s smoked meat. FYI -It will be power smoked beef brisket.

Cleaning my office will take more time than it should. As I clean it seems to look worse. This is one of those cleanings when I try to do it right. No shoving papers in the desk drawers or using my slider bins to hide everything.

I have tried to shred every paper I don’t need. I have pulled out old electronics I have been saving for who knows how long.

Any one need an inline answering machine?

With every move I make it seems to get worse.

Boxes everywhere. Slivers of shredded paper all over everything. Why do I own 53 ink pens that don’t work?

I know I write about food but I have a number 10 can of beans in my office. Is that normal?

Why do I own 37 used AA batteries? I wonder if any of them work? Better not throw them away till I check.

I started out with a dirty office now I have what looks like a walk in cluttered closet.

It’s hard to tell I have shredded 3 trash cans full of paper. Not hard to tell I have 3 more to go.

shredded paper

Shredded Paper

Mowing the lawn will be almost as bad.

It looks like a wheat crop instead of a lawn. The weed eating alone will take 2 hours. That’s not counting trimming the hedges or chopping down the weeds that look like the giants bean stalk.

The mowing itself won’t be bad. My 23 horsepower lawn tractor will cut almost anything including baseballs and dog toys.

I know I have done it.

That leaves me to buying hickory chunks.

That will be the best part of the day. I will go to Lowe’s not because it is cheaper but because it gives me a chance to go to Lowe’s. Now our nearby Lowe’s is not the greatest store in the world but it is the only home improvement store within 40 miles not counting Lessenberry’s. Lessenberry’s is a nice, small, do it yourself, store with friendly help but they just don’t have the inventory to make it a fun time to browse like Lowe’s or Home Depot.

And browse I will. I will look at stuff I don’t need and wouldn’t use if i did need it. Things like slider bins, weed eaters and lawn tractors.

Who uses those things anyway?




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