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Thursday was Busy

Thursday was busy . I slept in late. Something I hardly ever do. Of course when I say late I mean I first got up at 6:15 AM and got John to work and James on the school bus. Then I went back to sleep. I was so tired I didn’t wake back up until noon when Maximus work me up. I thought he had to go out but he really just wanted me to get out of bed so he could get in.

I was not happy.

So I made our daily breakfast of steel cut oats and fruit. Today’s fruit was pineapple chunks. It might sound weird to you but we like it. My wife was off today so we watched the Young and the Restless. She has watched that show since it started. I have made fun of it since 1989. There is a lot to make fun of.

After that I got control of the remote and watched some of the FedEx Cup. That’s golf for those of you who didn’t know. It had a rain delay so I didn’t see much.

Then we went to see James in the TJ Samson Academic Bowl. His high school won easily.

James TJ Samson Academic Bowl Glasgow, KY

James at TJ Samson Academic Bowl

Then it was home for leftovers Wipeout and Big Brother. Helen was thrown out of the house but immediately told she could win her way back in if she won some concocted competition.

Then we watched Burn Notice, my favorite show, while we ate fat burning watermelon. Michael is in a world of trouble with only two episodes left till the series finale.

After that it was in here to hunt a peck a few words before going to bed. The wife has to be to work by 5:15 AM so my day will start even earlier tomorrow with no time for going back to bed.

So time to try to get some sleep.

Funny it doesn’t look look like I was busy at all when I write it all down.


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