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Time to Build an Ark

“I woke up last night to the sound of thunder” and I wasn’t even in a Bob Segar song. “How far off I sat and wondered.” Then it lit up my back yard and I knew it was way too close. So I closed my eyes and went back to sleep. Off and on it woke me all morning. When I say morning, I mean early morning. I was out of bed by 6:15 so we are talking maybe 3 or 4 AM. Then when I did get up I realized I should of been building an ark.

rain picture glasgow, ky aug 9, 2013

View of rain Glasgow, KY Aug 9, 2013

shoney's Glasgow, ky

Rain with Shoney’s in Background 31 E Glasgow, KY

car splashing puddle Glasgow, KY

I put my dry clothes at risk when I put down the window to get this shot. happy to say I took the picture and didn’t feel a drop.

rain pebble drive Glasgow, KY

Road a couple of blocks from my house

backyard full of water Glasgow, KY

My backyard. A good spot to launch the ark.

driveway flooded

My driveway this morning.

As I write this I can tell the rain has stopped because the cat wants outside. The dogs are still in bed. They aren’t stupid like me and the cat.

It’s August in Kentucky at my house and that means three things.

  1. In a matter of minutes the ground will dry and it will look like it never rained except the grass will be a little greener.
  2. It will rain again today. Kentucky is the prime example of “when it rains it pours.” usually off and on for hours if not days.
  3. The cat will walk through the grass then come back in drenched and sit on the couch when no one is looking.

At least it’s not spring when rain storms are accompanied by tornadoes. I am not a big fan of monsoons but at least they don’t relocate my house to Oz.

After a sleepless morning I am no mood for the Lollipop Guild.







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