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Tinkerbell Cake – I Wasn’t Allowed to eat

My wife made another cake I wasn’t allowed to eat. This time it was a Tinkerbell themed cake for someone at work. A three layer chocolate cake with white icing and enough sugar flowers to give a bumble bee diabetes.

The flowers were actually made out of fondant but the few I stole tasted like sugar to me.

fondant flowers in egg boxes

She made a few fondant flowers for the cake.

pedals fondant flower

Pedals of a fondant flower

It really isn’t fair that she’s makes all these sweets I can’t eat.

pieces of fondant flowers

Pieces of a larger fondant flower.

fondant leaves

fondant leaves

Sugar and cake everywhere and I have to steal pieces. Actually it’s fondant but what’s the difference. The difference is fondant is actually sugar with hydrogenated oil mixed in.


complete fondat flower

Completed fondant flower

You think I am kidding when I say she made a whole lot of fondant flowers for the Tinkerbell cake?

fondant flowers in egg crates.

Rows and rows of completed fondant flowers.


big bright fondant flowers

Bigger fondant flowers

Tinkerbell stars made from fondant

Not sure what these are. Maybe stars?

orange fondant flowers

Orange fondant flowers

tinkerbell cake fondant flowers

More fondant flowers for the Tinkerbell cake.

Blue fondant flowers

Thought she was done didn’t you? Not without making blue fondant flowers

So she made fondant flowers for hours upon hours. I think six in total over two nights. Then she made three chocolate cakes. She stacked those, frosted them in white icing, she also made, then decorated.

tinkerbell birthday cake

Tinkerbell themed birthday cake.

All of this work and I did not get even one small bite of cake. I did, along with my grandson, hijack a spatula covered in icing which led to my shirt being covered in icing.

We also stole a few fondant flowers which, as I said, were beyond sweet but still good.

side view of tinkerbell cake

Side view of the Tinkerbell cake.

tinkerbell theme cake for birthday

Bake view of the Tinkerbell theme birthday cake


tinkerbell cake with fondant flowers

Another, closer, picture of the Tinkerbell cake.

The cake came out great and I wish I could tell you how it tasted but as I mentioned before my wife wouldn’t let me taste it and the birthday girl didn’t invite me to the party.

Maybe on my birthday I’ll get a custom themed cake.

Dale Earnhardt Jr would be a good theme..









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