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Tuesday Grayson Visited

Today I had to handle a couple of business matters than my afternoon, evening and night was occupied with my grandson Grayson visiting.

He is a very active one year old. He loves to keep busy and in turn that keeps me and his grandmother hopping to his every whim.

He pulled the cats tail. Tried to go upstairs a few times. Bit our 100 pound fierce looking Boxer Max, then laughed. Attempted to help his grandmother decorate a Tinkerbell cake she was making for someone at work. Threw dog food all over the dining room. Threw cat food all over the downstairs bedroom. Ate spaghetti. Ate lentil brisket soup. Ate frosting off a spatula. Ate potato chips. Ate chocolate chip cookies. Ate Gerber puffs. Drank juice.

I think all of that was in the first ten minutes.

Lucky for us we are trained.

We raised his father and he is certainly a lot like his daddy. Smart, charismatic coordinated beyond his age but most importantly – healthy.

And that’s all that matters. As long as he is healthy I’ll be happy to chase him upstairs. Free the cat’s tail. Save Max from teeth marks. Wipe frosting off him and me. Clean up dog food. Clean up cat food. Let him eat or drink whatever he likes.

He keeps us busy but mostly, he keeps us smiling. It’s been twenty-seven years since we chased T.J. at this age but it feels like yesterday.

And that’s what keeps us smiling.

He reminds us of our active little boy who grew up to be a good man and a great Dad.

If you don’t believe us just ask Grayson.

That is, if you can catch him!


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