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Two Hours of Sleep

Even though I didn’t get to bed until 4 am, my internal clock thought I should still get up at 6. I wish my internal clock would mind its own business.

Even after it woke me I thought I’d get up awhile then maybe take a nap. So I took the trash to the road because, obviously, it’s trash day. Then I got ambitious and went to the grocery store to get fruit for my breakfast. Food Lion’s fruit looked terrible so I ended up at WalMart. I bought a watermelon and a bag of frozen assorted fruit. I thought about buying plums but they looked like someone had batting practice with them. The nectarines looked better but they were hard as a rock. Maybe that’s the way they are supposed to be but I like the kind that don’t chip teeth when you bite into them.

Then I got home.

I sliced the watermelon and sprinkled it with lime juice and chili powder. Supposed to burn fat that way. Sat in front of the TV and ate it while I watched an episode of Andy Griffith. Pretty bad when the best thing on television is a 40 year old rerun. Thinking about watching Bonanza next but the two hours of sleep was catching up to me so I thought I’d crawl back into bed and grab a nap.

I was too late my spot had been filled!

boxer dogs in bed

Bed Filled Full

So here I am writing this in a sleepless stupor.

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