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We Are Making Pies

fresh baked apple pies
Sharon and I are busy making pies today. I have worked hard at it. I drove her to the farmers market for more apples. I took her to Big Lots for more pie plates. I even took her to lunch at A&W. Now for the real work –...
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Yellow Lights Blinking

I live in Glasgow Kentucky and recently they have updated their traffic light systems. Instead of the standard red, green, yellow system they have added blinking yellow lights to the left turn lanes. I don’t like it. Now many of you may think I am one of those...
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Wildlife in Kentucky

deer in the backyard in Glasgow, KY
Many people would say Glasgow, Kentucky is short of the wildlife. These would be people looking for another kind of wildlife than I enjoy. They would be referring to the lack of bars in our town. When we moved here it was a dry town. Absolutely no sale...
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Brisket and Bean Chili

brisket and beans chili
Even my family has a hard time eating a whole brisket in a few days. So what to do with the leftovers? To start with – my leftovers are a couple of pounds of smoked brisket and 2 quarts of smoked pinto beans. I begin by placing the...
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Driving School

dairy queen bad service
My youngest son is learning to drive. Anyone who knows me, knows, I am not good at riding with anyone. If I am in a car I am driving or not enjoying the ride. So to ride with a 16 year old as he learns to navigate my...
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T.J.’s Birthday

blowing out birthday candles
Last night our oldest son came over and we celebrated his birthday. His birthday is actually the 22nd but him, his girlfriend and his Mom all have to work that night so we did some holiday shifting. It doesn’t seem so long ago that he was a little...
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Thursday Morning

shredded paper
It seems like I have a lot to do today except when I say it out loud. Finish cleaning my office, mow the lawn, buy hickory chunks for this week’s smoked meat. FYI -It will be power smoked beef brisket. Cleaning my office will take more time than...
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Up at 4:20 AM to Cook Steel Cut Oats

steel cut oats
This morning I was awake at 4:20 AM. This is not a time non- farmers should rise. I did it because Sharon had to “open” this morning. Opening means she is the first manager in and that means getting to work by 6 AM. I get up because...
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Cold Hearted Daughters

So I am watching television the other day and a commercial caught my eye. The scene shows three women – a mother and two adult daughters. The daughters ask about their dad. Apparently he fell from a ladder or roof or some other high place. Sorry I wasn’t...
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Empty the Camera Sunday September 15

The cake sharon made
Instead of Empty the Camera this should be called 60′s Wedding Sunday. Yesterday we attended a friend’s wedding. It was a 60′s theme. Sharon made the groom’s cake. So all the pictures this week are of the cake and the wedding.  
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