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Up early

No one should ever get up at 4 AM unless they are about to milk a cow. I don’t own any cows so why am I up? My wife had to go to work and me being the good husband I am, I cooked her some scrambled eggs. I made me some too.

Now she is off to work and I am still up because Chris is on third shift this week and that means he gets off at 5 AM so I know if I try to nap he will show up as soon as I fall asleep. He will come in quietly but Maximus and Christmas won’t like that and they will bark until the whole house is awake. So I might as well stay awake.

maximus the boxer

Maximus 100 pounds of Boxer

Christopher is home now and telling me work stories. Pretty funny stuff. He brought home two McGriddles and says he ate one on the way home. Three McGriddles for breakfast and he never gains a pound. George Bernard Shaw said “youth is wasted on the young.” I say, calories are wasted on the skinny.

He just went to the basement to do whatever the kids do in the basement. Play video games mostly, I think. We have a pool table, ping pong table, air hockey and foosball table but I don’t think they ever get used. Last time I was down there all the sports tables were covered with computers or other electronics. Apparently we should of bought them plain tables. Would have been cheaper.

It’s almost 6 and I have seen the same stories on ESPN three times now. I’ll change the channel to the local morning show. I like to get the weather but the between the segments banter is mind numbing. The male host has been on the network for years and seems to get worse every year. If you live near Bowling Green, KY you know who I am talking about. The female has been on the morning show a year or two and she is not bad. I would guess she will move on to a better job soon like her predecessors. I have heard they don’t pay those people much so who can blame her.

I need to wake James up soon so I will end this for now. I know it’s been enlightening but at least it kept me awake so James didn’t miss school while dad slept in the recliner.

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