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Vegetarians Live Longer

I just read that vegetarians live longer than us meat eaters. I don’t believe they live longer it just seems like it to both them and us.

Have you ever met a vegetarian that didn’t announce their eating habits within seven minutes of meeting you? They seem to work it into the conversation no matter the subject of discussion.

They blather on about how great their grey complexion looks in black and white pictures. Or how they don’t know how evil people like me can eat a cow. First of all I have never ate a whole cow no matter what you have read on the internet and secondly cows are so slow they are bound to be eaten by some carnivore it might as well be one that owns a kick ass grill and handy little smoker like I do.

Ever sit next to a vegetarian on an airplane?

Good god! They rattle on about nothing but eating plants and how good it is for you. I swear I would have jumped out of the plane if I could of got the window open. Then to see them pick through, what the airlines call food, with their fork, like they were served cow manure, is torture. It’s not bad because it’s meat it’s bad because Southwest Airlines hires chefs who were formerly peanut venders at a baseball park. If meat really tasted like the stuff airlines serve we’d all be vegetarians.

What a boring world that would be.

People who eat nothing but pasture plants and gassy greens. Then talk about it even when not asked. Not only talk about it but with the breath of a grass eating, gaseous horse. Could someone please feed them some mint leaves? Or is that considered meat because they taste good?

Don’t get me wrong I have nothing against vegetarians. I just wish they’d keep their eating habits to themselves.

After all, if they don’t shut up about all the vegetables they consume how am I going to get a word in about the diet I am on?

Have I mentioned I’ve lost 60 pounds?

In phase one of the Fast Metabolism Diet I eat………………………………………..




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