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WalMart – Check this out yourself

I was in WalMart last night. Yes, I know, I lead an exciting life.  I was there with my wife to buy flour. She had promised the kids peperoni rolls and didn’t realize we were low on flour.

We also bought a couple of other items.

So this is where the aggravation begins. WalMart recently put in an expanded area of self checkouts. There are about ten self checkout stations in a circle with one entrance and one exit. It’s kind of like the grocery version of a cage match. There is no natural flow and plenty of confusion.

But that doesn’t bother me. The part that bothers me is checking myself out for the same price it costs for someone else to do it. Just like when I buy gas. I don’t mind pumping it myself because I get a discount. WalMart offers no such discount.

So you suggest I go to a cashier? Good luck!

Apparently when the geniuses at WalMart decided on this new system they thought – we now have most them doing it themselves so lets layoff every competent clerk we employ.

Last night that left two. To clarify, I am not talking last night at 10, 11 or even midnight. I was in WalMart at 6 PM. At 6 PM, even in our small town, there is a whole lot of people trying to buy flour and many, many other things. At first glance you would of thought you were at Disneyland by the lengths of the lines.

But never fear their manager was there. I saw him walking down the main aisle towards the lines. Then I saw it register on his face and he did an abrupt about face and headed to anywhere but the front of the store.  I saw this again ten minutes later while I still waited in line.

I wonder now if he is still trapped in the store unable to leave because he would have to walk by the checkout lines.

WalMart is one mile from my house. The next closest store is four miles. I learned last night to go to the one four miles away. Even if I walked the extra distance it would save time.

Sometimes I think Walmart’s owners have gotten so rich they just enjoy messing with us. Trying to figure out our breaking point. How much will these morons put up with before never coming back?

Truthfully I love their prices.

Truthfully I like the opportunity to one stop shop. I can get my oil changed, buy furnace filters and ice cream all in one place.

But does any of that matter if I can’t check out?


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