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WalMart Has Nothing to Sell

WalMart, the nations largest retailer has a problem.

Empty shelves.

What a shame. Walmart’s inventory is growing at a faster pace than sales. In other words people are buying from WalMart slower than Walmart is buying from their suppliers. They have many excuses but anyone who has been in a WalMart lately would probably guess the problem is customer service and the economy.

Customer Service

Customer service, because if you have been to WalMart you know, their attitude towards their customers is one of indifference. If you haven’t been to a WalMart step into one and find out. Step into one and I dare you to get help finding anything. It doesn’t matter what, groceries, tools, clothing it’s all the same.  Clerks aimlessly doing their job without regards to shoppers. Ask them a question about an items location and you get a wave of the hand and a “it’s over there.” Ask them a question about a product and if you are lucky they will read the text on the box to you. They have no further knowledge. I can read. I know what the text says. I was thinking maybe a store clerk would have some further training about the items they are selling in their department. But then again this is WalMart. We sell things cheaper so we don’t have to be helpful. If a customer doesn’t like it they can go elsewhere and pay more.

Well guess what? Many of us are going elsewhere.


The economy is getting better everyday and we can afford more choices, better choices. We can afford to pay more and get service instead of shopping in what has become a self service store.

Just look at their checkout system. There are now more self checkouts available then human clerks. That is a clue to how they feel about their customers. We want your money but we don’t want to work for it.

Empty Shelves

WalMart has one other problem.

Empty shelves.

WalMart Empty shelves

WalMart’s Empty Shelves

How ridiculous do have to be to have more inventory than you can sell but your shelves are empty? Apparently Walmart forgot you have to have stockers to be able to sell goods. Even their self service model doesn’t work without employees to place inventory on shelves. They cut their workforce to such a bare bones model that they don’t have cashiers and they don’t have stock clerks.

But they have profit – temporarily.

These decisions are catching up to them quickly and it’s going to get worse. Their model will not thrive in a good economy. As America gets healthier WalMart will struggle.

Ignoring and abusing customers. Cutting staffing levels to the point of store neglect. These are not formulas to a successful retail outlet.

If they only had a model to imitate.

Sam Walton

Maybe one like their founder Sam Walton. He believed customer service was the key. He also believed fair prices were essential. He didn’t believe a store should cut prices to the point of driving way customers for lack of goods and services.

He wasn’t an idiot.

He built an empire based on service and his kids will destroy the empire because of greed. Temporary bottom line solutions never work except temporarily.

I’ll leave you with one more thought.

WalMart has come into many towns and driven off the competition. Many small towns like the one I live in has few shopping choices. WalMart is one of the biggest employers, if not the biggest. They dominated the small guys till they folded up and left.

Now Walmart has the market. Then they lay off people to further profit. There are not as many jobs as when there were three or four stores in the area. Now the laid off people can’t find work. They have to shop at Walmart because it’s the only store in town. Plus they are unemployed now so they have to save every cent.

But America is now buying cars again. Houses are being built and sold. Laid off workers are finding work and not at WalMart rates but at a decent wage.

Now that laid off stocker is making 13 dollars an hour instead of 8.

Where do you suppose he is going to shop?

I have no idea but I can guess where he is not going to shop.


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