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Walmart – things I wonder about

While I walk around WalMart I wonder many things.

Do these people own mirrors?

Am I the only person who can read the sign that says “20 Items or Less”

Has anyone ever thought to themselves while leaving, “Wow! That was great service.”

How fast is Sam Walton spinning in his grave?

Does a sloth move slower than the deli help?

Why do they call the area in front “customer service?”

Is this the only place on Earth I am considered skinny?

Why do people park their carts next to each other then look at me like I am rude because I want to go down their aisle?

Why does it say “gluten free” above the whole wheat pasta?

Why isn’t spaghetti sauce in the “Latin Food” aisle?

Why does Walmart think ratty old blue T shirts are a uniform?

Why is it, the more years it says the cashier has worked  at WalMart on their name tag, the more incompetent they seem to be?

Why do I keep shopping at WalMart when it is obvious, by the way customers are treated there, they don’t want me to.


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