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Walmart’s Bathroom

I’ve been in many places in my life. I have lived all over the country. I was born in Idaho. Grew up in Nevada. Went to college in California. Married in New Jersey. Owned restaurants in West Virginia. Lived through a blizzard in Pennsylvania. Moved back to New Jersey. Survived four hurricanes in Florida. Spent countless time in my basement, in Kentucky, during tornado warnings.

To say I have been around the block is an understatement of gigantic proportions. And until today I thought I had seen it all.

I hadn’t.

Today I walked into the bathroom at the Walmart in Glasgow, KY. Now to be clear, it wasn’t the dirtiest bathroom I have ever see. That award goes to a McDonalds in Woodstown, NJ.

The bathroom, or rest room if you prefer, in the Walmart was dirty. Very dirty.

walmart dirty bathroom

The bathroom in the Walmart in Glasgow, KY

It also had non working fixtures. That’s a polite way of saying some of the urinals and toilets were broken.

broken urinal bathroom walmart

Broken Fixtures in WalMart bathroom. If you look close you can see they didn’t clean the urinal before they wrapped it in plastic. Pretty disgusting.

As you can see in the picture the broken urinal was wrapped in plastic. It was also full of urine which was putting off a foul smell.

I think.

I don’t know for sure about the foul smell because the other urinal, which was working, was even dirtier. I didn’t take a picture of it because it was that bad.

But all of this still doesn’t add up to the dirtiest bathroom I have been in. In fact I am not sure it ranks in the top ten. when I was younger I used to attend a lot of rock concerts and those bathrooms were legendary for their filth.

The thing that sets WalMart’s bathroom apart was the lack of concern on anyone’s part. While I was in there two employees also were in there. One was a customer service person because I saw him on my way out. The other I don’t know what department he worked. Hope it wasn’t the deli, because not only did they not blink an eye at the filth, but they didn’t wash their hands after using the facilities.

Their indifference to the state of the bathroom gave me the impression it was nothing new. Their not washing their hands made me think I will never go in WalMart again without at least  gloves and maybe a HAZMAT suit. Even the stoned patrons at a rock concert wash their hands.

Think about that next time you have business at the customer service desk when he hands you the money. Think where his hands have been since he washed them last.

If you are unsure peek into the restrooms.

But I wouldn’t do it on a full stomach!


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    We have many of the same concerns over here in the UK.

    Our company currently works with the British Toilet Association and Loo Of the Year Awards to help improve awareness and standards for providers and users in away from home and public toilet / washroom facilities.

    Chris Goodwin
    DUC TM Limited
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