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Washing the Car in December at 7 AM

It was so warm this morning, I washed Sharon’s car, after I took James to school.  It was 68 degrees, so I got out my trusty bucket and sponge and soaped it from front to back and top to bottom. I didn’t rinse it because according to the forecast Mother Nature would do that and she is right now.

She has also dropped the temperature 15 degrees in less than an hour. It is supposed to keep dropping, turning the rain to ice, then snow. Like I said yesterday if you don’t like Kentucky weather, just wait a few minutes and you will love it.

Unfortunately if you don’t like cold you are going to have to wait more than a few minutes. This cold is expected to stay around at least a week. Next Wednesday they are predicting the low will be 12 degrees.

12 degrees!

Not my idea of good weather but to each his own. I am sure there are people out there who will say they love this kind of brisk temperatures. They will also say they love getting their teeth cleaned and their annual flu shots. I can understand liking mildly cold weather but 12 degrees is not mild. In fact it’s the kind of weather where you better keep your brass monkeys indoors.

driveway flooded

My driveway

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