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Wednesday Morning

So many blogs offer wordless Wednesday, I thought I would, then I realized that’s ridiculous. Blog is short for Web Log, not picture post. A log is a recap of events. Hard to do without words. I write in other forums besides this blog. I freelance write sports for my local paper. I occasionally write for other newspapers and I have been published in magazines. In the world of writing there are many days that are wordless.

We call these days off.

If you write a blog and don’t want to use words, simply don’t post that day. Tell your readers – Wednesday is your day off.

I know what you are thinking. Isn’t your Empty the Camera Sunday just like Wordless Wednesday? It’s not the same. I do captions. Titillating, amusing, cleaver captions, under every picture.

It’s not like a day off.

It’s more like half a day off.

Entirely different. A half day different.

Does this make me a better blogger than the rest? Of course not. What makes me better is my ability to write sleepless, coffeeless drivel and get you to read it in hopes of it going somewhere.


Well I got a surprise for you. I got nothing today. This post is going to nowhere but a whimper of an ending without meaning or a point. Just endless blather about blogging.

You know, that whole wordless Wednesday. is sounding better all the time.

Especially to you, I bet.

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