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Proteins and Greens

Today sleep has alluded me. I have been up since 4:20 AM when Sharon had to get up for work. Thankfully I was in bed by 1:30 when Christopher got off work so I got a cool two hours and fifty minutes of sleep. So refreshing to get anything more than two. I find two hours of sleep is just not enough.

Maybe it’s a sign of age when a guy can’t get by on 120 minutes of shut eye. There was a time in my life when I could get by on no sleep for a day or two. Of course those sleep deprived times were fueled by coffee. Lots and lots of coffee.

Now I am trying to go sleepless with nothing but ice water, protein and greens. It’s like trying to walk through fire with nothing but a paper hat on my head. Sure I’ll make it through but my head will feel a little scorched by the end of the day.

Eating healthy doesn’t always feel that good. Most of the time it does. It doesn’t when I neglect other things like rest and exercise. It’s times like that when it wouldn’t hurt to have a little caffeine and sugar.

A nice tall cup of coffee in my 22 ounce Dale Earnhardt Jr coffee mug accompanied by two or three Swiss Rolls used to be my mid afternoon pick me up. Now it’s a peeled and salted cucumber with a tall glass of ice water. Not as tasty and not as energy jolting either.

The good part is there is not late afternoon let down. Of course there is no early afternoon sugar high to be let down from.

In life there is always tradeoffs. In the life of this website the tradeoff is I will live to write longer but it will be mindless, aimless babble like today’s post. Instead of the pin point Pulitzer Prize worthy prose I might have written on coffee and sweetened Swiss lard.



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