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What a Weekend

This has been quite a week.

Last Saturday began like any other weekend day. I got up early and picked John up from work then I did a few things waiting for the West Virginia football game to start. It was an eleven AM TV game. Then I got a phone call from my wife. Which was odd since she was upstairs. All I could understand was she needed help.

I went upstairs and found her doubled over and holding on to her dresser. She said she thought she had appendicitis. I offered my expert opinion. “We better go to the ER”. So away we went with the pain getting worse.

We live very close to a hospital so we were there with in a couple of minutes.I pulled up to the door she went in while I parked the car. By the time I got inside she was already registering while doubled over the desk.

They got a wheel chair and got her to an exam room. A nurse took her vitals. Then said the doctor would be in shortly.

This is when it got fun.

Before the doctor showed up Sharon said she had to throw up. She was right. I grabbed one of those little spit up trays and she tried to get to the bathroom across the hall. She made it to the waste basket.

Then the doctor showed up. Now remember we live in a small town so this was not an hour later. This was a couple of minutes after we arrived. He walked in and she was on her knees throwing up into a trash can.

The ER doctor is the father of one of our son James’ friends. So we know him a little.

He asked where the pain was and I told him and she added details between heaves. He said it sounds like a kidney stone and said they would do some tests.

They took some blood and took her for a CAT scan.

The doctor came back in and a short while and said she had a kidney stone blocking the tube from her kidney to her bladder. It was too big, 7 mm, to pass so it would have to be removed.

The doctor who needs to do it was out of town but they got a hold of him and he was coming back. This was all said over the top of her while she was still vomiting bile.

They gave her several pain medications and something to stop the nausea. The throwing up stopped and after three different pain meds the pain became bearable but just slightly.

I have seen her give birth and this looked to be about ten times as much pain. By the way, our son Christopher was 9 lbs 13 oz.

They transferred her to a room and we waited for the urologist. While waiting she was put on three IVs. I watched the football game on a 20 inch TV. Mine at home is 73 inches but we all have to suffer sometimes.

wife in hospital

Sharon in Hospital – Not Having Fun

The urologist showed up. He looked to be about 14 but he seemed very knowledgeable. He explained three ways they could proceed. Cut a hole in her back and remove it. Blast it with a ray gun from the outside. At least I think he said ray gun, WVU was about to score during that part so I might be wrong.

Then the third. Stick a camera up a place I don’t have and break the stone into pieces and then put a basket in there and catch the pieces and pull them out.

He thought that was best and since we aren’t doctors and he is we thought we should go with what he said was best.

He said he wanted to leave her on antibiotics over night and do the procedure Sunday morning.

You know its serious when a doctor thinks Sunday morning is a good time to do it.

So she spent her day off in a great deal of pain waiting to have a large kidney stone removed.

They finally settled on morphine to cut he pain and she was able to sleep a little between throwing up.

West Virginia won.

Our oldest and his small family showed up to see his Mom. Our grandson took her mind off everything for awhile which was good.

I went home and took care of a few things and brought James over to see his Mom.

We stayed pretty late but didn’t spend the night.

The next morning, Sunday, the doctor showed up and said she would be going in a couple of hours. They came and got her for pre op stuff about an hour later.

I went o the hospital cafe to eat. I figured screw the diet and ordered biscuits and gravy. It was the most disgusting gravy I have ever tasted. Again I had to suffer! Why me?

biscuits and gravy

Disgusting Biscuits and Gravy

I went up to her room to wait.

The doctor came in and explained everything to me.

He was able to break the stones into 8 pieces and remove it. There was a lot of infection so he contemplated not doing it till she was on antibiotics for another day but he knew she was in so much pain and her kidney was plugged so he did do it but he had to put a stent in to help drain the kidney because of the infection.

The stent will be removed Monday – eight days later.

She came in about an hour later. Pretty groggy.

They made her stay until she ate and did some other business proving the kidneys were working.

They sent her home with three prescriptions.

Tomorrow I will tell you about those………………………………. a clue…..nothings easy.

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