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Why Are Vegans in Search of Burgers?

Vegans avoid all use of animals. Not only in their diet but also in other areas of their lives. Things like glue made from animal parts, natural wigs and leather.

This is their choice and I believe it is their right.

The part I don’t get is why do they seem in a constant search for a burger, made from something besides meat, that tastes like a burger.

Do like the rest of us and make a burger out of  hamburger. Trust me it will taste just like a burger. A big juicy beefy hamburger. The kind which animal fat runs down your elbow when you lift it to your mouth. The kind of burger, Hardee’s hire gorgeous models to eat, while we watch, in hope we will go to their restaurant and order one. A succulent, ketchup topped, relish adorned, mustard decorated, burger. The kind of burger people write songs about and legends were produced to celebrate their existence. I have eaten many of these kind of burgers and I can tell you it was worth every fat laden bite.

There is nothing in the world like it.

Not tofu burgers. Not veggie burgers. Not mushroom, mixed with barley, burgers. Not even burgers made from beans. I know I have tried them all and for the most part they are a disgusting alternative to beef.

So either be a vegan and resign yourself to eating weeds and grass or dive into a tub of protein and patty yourself up a hamburger and enjoy.

But don’t drive yourself nuts trying to find a grassy, gassy alternative to beef which tastes like beef. It isn’t going to happen. Not in this lifetime or the next. You will have a better chance jumping on your favorite stead and searching for the Holy Grail.

At least, at one time, it existed.

Unlike the vegan burger that tastes like a burger.


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