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Wildlife in Kentucky

Many people would say Glasgow, Kentucky is short of the wildlife. These would be people looking for another kind of wildlife than I enjoy. They would be referring to the lack of bars in our town.

When we moved here it was a dry town. Absolutely no sale of  alcohol of any kind. Similar to Mayberry on the Andy Griffith Show.

Although, unlike eight years ago when I moved here, we do have a few bars now. They are all located in restaurants. Glasgow is what we call a moist town. A Kentucky town, which by law, has no liquor stores or bars. Towns that only serve liquor in places you can buy food. Places where the liquor may not leave the building.

But that doesn’t stop us from having a wildlife within our city limits. I know I have seen it. In fact I saw it just today. I live in the city limits. At least 100 yards from the county line. In a neighborhood. Granted a neighborhood with big yards. Most being more than an acre.

Today I first saw the wildlife when I heard something on the deck. It was wildlife bouncing of my screens. It was a Cardinal who had flown in but couldn’t remember the way out. I propped open the door to let him out and was standing to the side when my wife came out to inquire to what I was doing. After I explained she decided to help. She came out to grab the bird to set him free. We used to own a foot and a half tall cockatoo so she wasn’t opposed to catching the bird in her hands and letting it out.

cockatoo with boxer

Our Cockatoo with Maximus. Maximus was much smaller then but you still get the idea this was a big bird.

This would of been a flawless idea except for she didn’t realize Cheeto the cat followed her out. He didn’t see wildlife. He saw breakfast. Quick as a cat, imagine that, he went for the Cardinal. He was about to eat it when I grabbed him and Sharon grabbed the little red bird.


cardinal trying to fly through screen

Cardinal stuck in screened in deck.

I threw Cheeto back in the house and she let the Cardinal go after walking out onto the unscreened portion of the deck. The bird flew away, scared but seemingly unharmed. The bird did peck her before flying away. Again not a big deal if you have ever owned a cockatoo.

But that was not all the wildlife we had today. We also had a couple of visitors to our backyard. A couple of deer. A full sized deer and a younger, smaller deer. They were eating the trees in the back of the yard. This is not unusual except we usually don’t see deer that close to the house in the middle of the day. This however is hunting season and even deer realize where hunters are not allowed. Namely inside neighborhoods, no matter how big the yards are. They browsed on tree leaves and grass for about a half hour before walking off to the next house. They didn’t seem to have a care in the world which is odd considering a million or so Kentuckians are hunting them this week.

deer in yard

deer in the backyard in Glasgow, KY

Two deer in the backyard.

So this may not be the wildlife the kids want but it is exactly the wildlife I want. A fluttering bird and  browsing deer.

Me and Cheeto.

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