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Winner, Winner, Brisket Dinner

As you know, Saturdays are my days for smoking meat. When I woke this morning I was thinking smoked chicken thighs would be good and I just happened to have a package of them.

Then I stopped into the grocery store to buy fruit for my steel cut oats. As a frugal shopper, which is another way of saying I am cheap, I always check the meat department for deals. Today was the deal of all deals for me.

Two glorious, whole briskets marked down to $1.67 a pound. Not much more than the price of chicken thighs.

beef brisket marked down

beef brisket on sale

Almost a dollar a pound off. Normally $2.58 a pound this morning they were $1.67.

Now to get this deal it would take some sacrifice. I would have to smoke them today because they mark down meat when it is nearing the use by date. It has to be cooked today. It’ll be hard but someone has to do it and I am the guy for the job.

So I bought both briskets.

Sorry chicken thighs but you have been replaced by the king of slow smoked meats. When I say king, I am not trying to slight the smoked, sliced pork shoulder Kentucky is known for but to a boy raised in the western United States BBQ means beef.

So now instead of a couple of hours of smoking chicken thighs I will be spending about 12 hours barbecuing beef briskets.

It’s a sacrifice but I am willing to do it.

After all it is Saturday and that’s my day for smoking.

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