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Winnie the Pooh 3D Cake

Like I have mentioned before my wife likes to bake to burn off steam. Some people run. Some people lift weights. Some people go for long walks in the park. My wife puts batter in hot ovens and produces calories. Lots and lots of calories.

Today I came home from hunting. I was hunting the best deal on a cell phone for our son John. In case you too are trying to bag the elusive AT&T mobile deal try Sam’s Club. 96 cents for a Samsung Galaxy S3. Plus they are waiving the upgrade and activation fees this weekend.

But as usual I digress.

I came home to a woman possessed. Now granted, we are celebrating our grandson’s first birthday tomorrow but still OMG!

There is more cake than there is boy and he is not a frail child.

She made him a Winnie the Pooh 3D Cake. Not a flat sheet cake with a picture of Winnie. A Teddy Bear size 3D replica of the fuzzy little Disney character. She decided that wasn’t enough. So she made a three layer, triple chocolate cake with not only Winnie toys on it but she made, out of Fondant, bumble bees, flowers and leaves.

There is more. Looking at a bear cake and a three layer cake, she thought to herself, it needs more. She added a small one layer vanilla cake. Are we done? Are you kidding? She has a very stressful job. As I type this she is baking a strawberry cheesecake. Are you keeping score?

One life sized Winnie the Pooh Cake.

One three layer, triple chocolate cake.

One small vanilla cake.

One strawberry cheesecake.

Did I mention she has a lot of stress at work?

So now I am told the cheesecake is baking so she is decorating the Pooh cake. After all you just can’t ice him and send Winnie to the birthday party.

That would be ridiculous!

So she is meticulously icing this bear. Complete with little red shirt and all.

I of course am helping out by taking pictures. Remember, as you look at them, the cake is not done yet but I will take more pictures and update you.

You think it’d be easier just to go for a long walk.

And I lot better for my diet!

 triple chocolate winnie the pooh cakeTriple Chocolate on left, small vanilla on the right

winnie the pooh cakeWinnie the Pooh

Okay, so a funny thing happened as I was writing this – the power went out. So I now have all the pictures of the bear but not the cheesecake but hey everyone knows what a cheesecake looks like. My wife, who does this to relieve stress, finished decorating the Winnie the Pooh by flashlight.


Outlined in black icing


Christmas wanting to eat a bear.


Blue “Hunny” pot.


Starting to look like Pooh.


Carefully piping on the icing with a #16 star tip and pastry bag.

DSCF4136This was the last picture before the power went out.

DSCF4140I know you can’t tell because of the flash but the room was pitch black.

winnie the pooh cake decorated in the darkDevoted Grandmother!

DSCF4142Finishing touches after the lights came back on. The power was out 45 minutes. She had to stick him in the refrigerator for awhile because apparently cake bears don’t do well in the Kentucky heat without air conditioning.

DSCF4145Finally Finished

DSCF4146Side View

DSCF4147Back view

Now she is getting ready to decorate a strawberry cheesecake.

Then who knows what?

Winnie the Pooh 3D Cake
Winnie the Pooh 3D Cake


  1. Rhonda says:

    That is a very cool cake. I can’t believe she finished by flashlight. Grandmas are the best!

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