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Writing High School Sports

When I am not posting to one of my three blogs, writing magazine articles, for hire, or trying to finish my screenplay, I am a mild mannered high school sports reporter. I do it on a freelance basis for the Glasgow Daily Times. It won’t get me rich but I do get summers off and I get in free to all the games.

Even though the calender claims there is six more weeks of summer, my summer ends tonight with a football scrimmage between the Glasgow High School Scotties and the Russellville Panthers.

Glasgow is the school Chris and John graduated from and the school James will graduate from in two years. So my biggest challenge when reporting Glasgow High School sports is staying neutral.

So tonight I will sit in the press box and try not to cheer when Glasgow does well. I will keep my feelings to myself as I peck at the keyboard and report just the facts ma’am, just the facts.


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