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Yard Work Before It Rains

This afternoon it is supposed to rain so I need to mow my lawn before it does. The other reason I need to mow my lawn is it looks like a wheat crop right before harvest.

long grass in backyard

The front yard before mowing

If you read me much you know I am not fond of mowing. I am allergic to cut grass so it makes it so much fun for me.

long grass in back yard

Backyard before mowing.

I could try to get one of the kids to mow it but last time I did that it was a disaster. John has mowed the lawn a few times and there was a dent on the old mower for every time he did. I haven’t been brave enough to let one of the kids lose on the new mower. I have had it two years now.

long grass in yard

Long grass in yard

The “new” mower is a Troy-Bilt Horse XP. It has 22 horsepower. Which is too much. If it had less I wouldn’t be able to wait so long before mowing. With that much horsepower it cuts almost anything in it’s way. Including dog toys, baseballs, tree limbs and an occasional exposed tree root and grass masquerading as a wheat farm.

fresh cut grass

Fresh cut grass.

I am sure the neighbors hate my mower but not as much as they hate me not using it more often. But my opinion is if they don’t like the long grass they can cut it.

My one neighbor cuts his only slightly more often than I do and my other neighbor cuts her’s every other day whether it needs it or not.

mowed grass

Front yard after mowing.

If she takes a day off from mowing her husband mows it. I kid you not. Nice people but obviously obsessed with having a short lawn.

I am obsessed with pushing the boundaries of lawn care. To see how many wild animals I can flush out when I mow. To find out if there is a car or two parked in my yard I couldn’t see.

i figure as long as I am going to spend two hours sneezing I might as well have some fun.

Before it rains.

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