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Yellow Lights Blinking

I live in Glasgow Kentucky and recently they have updated their traffic light systems. Instead of the standard red, green, yellow system they have added blinking yellow lights to the left turn lanes.

I don’t like it.

Now many of you may think I am one of those 50 somethings that hate everything new. I assure you I am not. The only thing I blanket hate is people who think 50 somethings hate everything new. We don’t.

We however do have the life experience to know stupidity when we see it and blinking yellow lights are stupid. The three light system has worked for more than a hundred years. So why change it?

I’ll tell you why, because someone is trying to justify their job by inventing work. We are a town of 14,000 people. Not exactly a bustling metropolis in need of extreme traffic control. I am sure whomever brought the idea to Glasgow saw it in a bigger city to alleviate traffic congestion and thought you know what we need?

Synchronized lights on 31E to speed traffic and save gasoline? Nope.

A traffic light on 68 and Donnelly Drive? Not a chance.

A traffic light in front of Dairy Queen? No way!

Lets put blinking yellow lights on left hand turn lanes to confuse people.

I have been driving almost 40 years and I can tell you Glasgow doesn’t need drivers more confused. Cell phones already have that handled. Now we add a fourth option to our traffic lights?

This should be fun if you’reĀ  fan of demolition derbys.

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